Rat Health

Rats are pretty hardy, but like any pet they can get ill. On this page are some general health tips for keeping rats in good health. Advice on specific rat illnesses can be found here

Tips to keep your rats in good shape

  • Rats like a comfortable temperature ? 21 degrees will suit them nicely. Excessive cold or heat can cause or exacerbate respiratory problems
  • Your rats' cage should not be in a draught or direct sunlight.
  • Rats like high fat goddies, but ration junk food as an occasional treat.
  • Give your rats adequate exercise time out of the cage
  • Your rats' cage should not be in a draught or direct sunlight

  • Central heating can dry out a rat's lungs, making any respiratory problems flare up. Ditto fans and hot dry air if you have such a climate. If you see any sign of this, put water near their cage to increase the humidity.
  • Make sure your rats have something warm to bed into, as well as each other.
  • Wash the cage and bedding at least once a week. Urine releases ammonia which can make respiratory problems worse.
  • Do not use sawdust or wood chip to line the cage floor.
  • If one of your rats is proscribed medicine, make sure he or she finishes the course