Ten top tips for rat care.

Some useful advice for new rat owners.

Top tips

  • Rats are social animals who need to have at least one rat companion.
  • Cage mates are best introduced between 5 and 9 weeks of age, before they reach maturity.
  • Rats like a cage with plenty of hidey-holes and levels that they can climb up onto.
  • Don't feed your rats treats through their cage bars or they'll get used to biting anything put through the bars like fingers.
  • Never pick a rat up by his/her tail.� Use both hands to scoop the rat up.
  • Give them a rich environment by putting tubes, paper towels, toys, small branches, rope ladders and anything else that looks fun to climb in, on or over.

  • Feed your rats a good diet (see the food section) and keep unhealthy treats to a minimum. Hide food in different areas around the cage so the rats have to hunt for it.
  • Gently handle your rats on a daily basis and make it a pleasant experience for them.
  • Rats are more active during the evenings and early mornings ? they will particularly enjoy your attention then.
  • Be mindful of how sensitive your rats' sense of smell is. Don't over clean your rats' cage with detergents which have an over-powerful smell.